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Sahara Karbala For Agricultural And Animal Production, it’s a new huge project that performs all stages of poultry production, starting from hatching eggs to the end of the final product presented to the consumer with capacity:

  • 200,000 tons of chicken meat per year.
  • 2,000,000,000 table eggs per year.

Came to life as initiative owned by ETIHAD GROUP to vastly support IRAQ’S economy and supply local market with healthy poultry products, conforming to international standards to enrich the country with livestock and make it available for locals which will assist in reducing high prices of daily consumable food.

Creating new jobs for local people, populated with the best qualifications and experiences in the fields of operation, maintenance, technical, finance, human resources, HSE and more. We aim to furnish all the necessary infrastructure, systems, regulations, and procedures in a timely and secure manner to guarantee a seamless and successful transfer into the operation phase.

Sahara Karbala signed contracts with the best international manufacturers to provide the latest machines and technologies, the company has established an integrated health system to ensure the quality of products.